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In a sea of webinars and expanse of sales presentations, we at JB&A sought to find a better, more entertaining, and fun way to inform and educate our audience in all things Broadcast Video. That’s why we came up with Techsplanation 2.0, a refresh of Vice President of Technology Nick Smith’s original episodic web show first aired in 2017. Techsplanation 2.0 is a LIVE show, still hosted by the one and only Nick Smith, with special guests, games, product demos, polls, Q&A, current events/news and more! This isn’t your grandpa’s livestream! We hope to see YOU in the audience of the next episode of Techsplanation 2.0! To sign up, click one of the registration links below!


The concept of PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras is nothing new, but the PTZ cameras of today are sharper, smoother,

and smarter than ever before. Joined by PTZ Optics own Paul Richards, Nick Smith explores the vast expanse of new and emerging PTZ technology and their adjacencies like virtual production!

Get ready to level up your video production game with the ultimate in cloud-based technology! Tune in to “Techsplanation” as Nick Smith, JB&A VP of Technology, and BirdDog Sales Engineer Jake Finman, take you on a thrilling journey into the world of BirdDog Cloud

More than ever, secure video routing solutions are required for high-security environments. In this Techsplanation, Nick Smith highlights some of the best ways to keep your video processes secure with Matrox products! Special Guest: Catherine Kousaris of Matrox!

Are you ready to move your production graphics to the cloud? With VizRT/NewTek’s brand-new platform, you can! In this Techsplanation, Nick Smith walks through this new and exciting software LIVE! Special Guest: Newtek’s own Jeremey Morris!

“Beyond the Switcher”, Nick Smith explores some of the possible connection points that lead out of video switcher that aren’t a display. Nick highlights Storage Solutions, video hosting platforms, and other endpoints that are sure to expand and add value to any production. And as always, Nick answers questions as they come in from the audience.

In this episode, Exertis Broadcast VP of Technology Nick Smith creates several lecture capture workflows on air and has a conversation surrounding the topic of Lecture Capture!