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NewTek Spark Plus™ IO is On the Bench

NewTek Spark Plus™ IO is On the Bench

NewTek Spark Plus IO 4K offers all types of media production professionals a quick and easy solution that does not require technical expertise, or an enterprise-level network infrastructure to use up to UHD 60p video in IP based media production workflows. Spark Plus IO 4K is compatible with hundreds of systems, devices, and applications that support innovative Network Device Interface technology and is ideal for live production, streaming, sports, competitive and social gaming, corporate communications, classroom production, and more. Say goodbye to cost, cables, capture or display cards, and confusion.

• Versatile UHD encode or decode NDI-HDMI conversion with support up to 2160p 60
• Easily route NDI® to displays, great for digital signage opportunities
• Works perfectly with TriCaster systems for configuration free NDI interoperability
• Hundreds of third-party devices that supports NDI® needing IO connectivity

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Spark™ Plus IO 4K

NewTek Spark Plus IO 4K are portable, affordable UHD 60p NDI® HDMI media converters. Capture media directly from connected cameras or devices and convert to high bitrate NDI®, or take NDI® streams from the network and convert them for display on screens, monitors, projectors, or video walls. A Spark Plus IO 4K device is the fastest, easiest, and most flexible way to integrate HDMI devices into your IP-based video production workflows from anywhere on the network and avoid the cable length limitations of HDMI.
There is a NewTek Spark™ that’s perfect for you

NewTek’s family of Spark™ Plus IO converters all offer bi-directional conversion from 4K HDMI, 3G-SDI to 12G-SDI. Catering to the full spectrum of video production needs, each NewTek Spark™ offers Tally support, are portable and mountable, and offer the groundbreaking benefits of NDI®.

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NewTek Spark Family
Canon’s 4K NDI PTZ Camera is On the Bench

Canon’s 4K NDI PTZ Camera is On the Bench

The Exertis Broadcast team put Canon’s CR-N500 (4K NDI) PTZ camera On the Bench and here’s what they found inside…


Canon has over 80 years of experience in optics and image capture, and that experience shows in their latest innovation: The CR-N500.

The CR-N500 produces incredible 4K and HD image quality with the combination of a 1” CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV 6 image processor. These core components provide the image-processing power and speed that enables 4K UHD video acquisition, image stabilization and precise Dual Pixel CMOS AF. On-air pan and tilt movement is possible thanks to the smooth and responsive pan and tilt mechanism equipped with the CR-N500.

Highlighted specs:
  • 1 inch, 4K CMOS sensor
  • 15x optical 20x digital zoom
  • 3 Built-in Neutral Density filters
  • Focal length of 8.3 – 124.5 mm (a 25.5 to 382.5mm 35mm equivalent)
  •  2.8 – 4.5 Aperture, enough for a creamy Bokeh in certain applications
  • 73 Degree Field of Horizontal view, 45 Degrees vertical
  • Dual XLR with phantom power
  • Power over PoE
  • 3G SDI, and 4k HDMI
  • and IT’S NDI HX READY!

Things we thought were most amazing.

Razor Sharp, Fast Focusing on near and far subjects. Fast movements followed by ultra-fast focus. Awesome Low-light performance and amazing color rendering.

We found even more awesome features in the Canon Web UI. LUT support, raw imaging modes, and all the image controls someone who has used a cinema camera or a Canon DSLR would be looking for. This is extremely rare for a PTZ camera. What’s even crazier? It’s priced lower than any other 1” sensor PTZ camera out there. This is what happens when canon takes years of experience and brings it to a PTZ camera.

If you are wondering if Canon has a dedicated controller for this camera, the answer is: Yes – of course they do. It’s what I’ve been using this whole time to control the camera itself. It’s a very responsive and easy-to-use touch screen controller makes tweaking the camera orientation very simple and lets you tap into one of my favorite features easily. That feature is called “trace”. Now, this and most other PTZ cameras have positional presets. Meaning, I push a button in the UI or on a controller that moves my camera to exactly where I want it to be. Trace allows you to record a complex camera movement and then allow you to replay it via a preset. If I want to record a slow pan and zoom across, I can record that movement. Then, move the camera somewhere else, and recall that movement I recorded whenever I want.

Canon-standard components, and a robust feature set aimed at creators who are used to cinematography, make CR-N500 the ultimate choice in PTZ camera. Houses of Worship, theater companies, sports venues, and concert venues could all benefit from the raw power and high fidelity image quality. Plus, camera operators and content creators looking for PTZ functionality with the same quality they’ve come to expect from Canon, need look no further than the Canon CRN-500.

NDI Bridge explained
canon cr-n500 closeup
canon web UI
RC-IP100-remote camera controller

RC-IP100 Remote Camera Controller

Canon’s RC-IP100 Remote Camera Controller provides IP control for up to 99 supported Canon cameras. An additional Canon camera can be controlled through the serial port.

EBP: NewTek Innovations for City Gov with Special Guest!

EBP: NewTek Innovations for City Gov with Special Guest!

Exertis Broadcast Podcast with NewTek’s Kane Peterson! TriCaster® & Live Panel™ Innovations for City Government

This episode of the Exertis Broadcast Podcast (EBP) features Solutions for City Council using NewTek’s TriCaster® & Live Panel™ — with special guest Kane Peterson, Solutions Architect at NewTek. Kane joins us virtually from Chicago, and Rick Puleo, Sales & Applications Engineer at Exertis Broadcast, joins virtually from Washington state. Listen in on the lively discussion with Exertis Broadcast’s Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology and Jordan Friday, Sr. Content Producer are in the Northern California studio.
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Why Use a TriCaster for City Council or Local Government?
  • Potentially Limitless sources
  • Ease of use (control Interfaces)
  • IP inputs (teams, Skype, Zoom)
  • Native NDI
  • Automation/Camera Control
  • Simple
  • Customization
What Should Be Considered When Choosing TriCaster?
  • Cameras types and placement
  • Number of council members or seats
  • Other sources of content
  • Video Destination? TV Stations,Web/On-demand
  • Who is running the TriCaster?
  • Who is running the agenda?
TC City Council cover

Click image to download PDF

NewTek TriCaster connects with all sorts of gear such as those dicusssed in the podcast. Check out the Cinedeck + LivePanel tutorial – HERE.

TriCaster TC410 Plus customized workflow
NewTek TriCaster® TC410 Plus

TriCaster® TC410 Plus is an integrated video production system designed to create multi-platform productions live and on-demand. Your shows will be polished, engaging to viewers through social and second-screen experiences, deliver revenue opportunities, and extend your brand.

NewTek LivePanel™

LivePanel is a flexible and easy-to-use browser-based interface for TriCaster® TC1,TriCaster® TC410 Plus, TriCaster® 2 Elite, TC Mini 4K, VMC, and 3Play® 3P1 that makes it easier for more people to have control of the live production process.

NewTek LivePanel UI
Add-Ons for Local Gov

Cloud Driven Solutions creates meeting and agenda management solutions that grow and expand with your needs. They are easy to deploy while being functionally intelligent.

With AgendaLink and AgendaLink Solo, your meeting needs are covered from start to finish including in room audio / video controls.


Cinedeck multi-channel recorders make multi-cam productions faster and smoother. We continue to design features with workflow flexibility in mind.

Our recorders support SDI, NDI, SRT and IP sources recording to a wide variety or codecs, wrappers, formats, and resolutions.

Tutorial: Cinedeck + NewTek LivePanel

Tutorial: Cinedeck + NewTek LivePanel

Tutorial Tuesday: Expand Recording Capabilities with Cinedeck + NewTek Live Panel™

Integrate your TriCaster with the tools you use everyday, and automate activities with macros to make your workflows easier than ever. This tutorial focuses on using LivePanel™ to connect to the Cinedeck LX recorder via NDI so you can record in various codecs.
Cinedeck UI tutorial
Cinedeck ui NewTek LivePanel ui tutorial
NewTek LivePanel ui tutorial
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NEWTEK LivePanel™ allows you to extend control of your live video operations to everyday devices, remotely accessing your NewTek production systems from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone..
NewTek LivePanel hero
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CINEDECK multi-channel recorders make multi-cam productions faster and smoother. We continue to design features with workflow flexibility in mind.

NewTek TriCaster Pro Add-Ons

NewTek TriCaster Pro Add-Ons

NewTek TriCaster® | Expert Recommended Add-Ons for a Truly Professional Production Experience

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Click image below to download slides PDF

NewTek TriCAster Add-ons 1
newtek virtual sets
NewTek shared storage



Control your camera angles, zoom, and focus all from the TriCaster®.

Talkshow® VS 4000

Multi-channel video calling functionality injected directly into your production.

Control Surfaces

Add hands-on control to your TriCaster production.

NC2 I/O Module

Versatile functionality ranging from NDI, SDI to IP video conversion by I/O channel expansion, to 4K UHD connectivity and IP interoperability.


Encode any HDMI or SDI source as an NDI® signal, and feed it directly into your production.

Virtual Set Editor

Design and implement 360° sets for your chroma key focused productions.

3Play® Family

Capture, replay, and telestrate up to 8 concurrent streams of video.

NewTek Remote Storage

Record to and store your video on high-performance media, powered by SNS.

In case you missed the previous episode of the Exertis Broadcast podcast on Choosing the right TriCaster for your needs – Watch it now!

Choosing a NewTek TriCaster

Choosing a NewTek TriCaster

NewTek TriCaster® | The Most Complete Video Production Systems on the Planet

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Click image to download slides PDF

TriCaster cheat sheet cvr


Powerful and affordable tools. Help tell your story…beautifully. NewTek TriCaster systems put an entire suite of media production capabilities at your fingertips. You can make anything from keynote presentations and webcasts to online training and sporting events look amazing with quality, consistency and efficiency.

Which TriCaster is Right for You?