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Intro to Seagate Data Storage Systems

Watch this episode as Exertis Broadcast’s VP of Technology, Nicholas Smith, and Seagate’s Mark Anderson discuss the Seagate ecosystem of enterprise products and how owning the supply chain has allowed Seagate to differentiate in the competitive storage marketplace.

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Self-Healing, High-Density Data Storage Wins Industry Recognition

Designed for set-and-forget mass storage management, a new category of intelligent storage, reduces human intervention and computer e-waste while maximizing data density.

Meet the demands of higher resolution content, and bigger workflows across numerous applications with Seagate’s mass capacity storage system, which recently captured two highly recognized industry awards. The cost-effective Exos CORVAULT provides the data protection and performance of a traditional storage array and won the National Association of Broadcasters’ 2022 Product of the Year Award for Hardware Infrastructure and the Security Industry Association’s 2022 New Products and Solutions Award for Video Surveillance Data Storage.

Good news for customers, the technology behind Seagate’s Exos CORVAULT, Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR) technology, which enables individual hard drives to be rebuilt in place automatically and dramatically reducing manual drive swaps, will eventually be available across all of Seagate’s RAID arrays. ADR technology changes the game in content storage for film and television production, post-production projects, and archiving applications by drastically improving rebuild times and dramatically reducing the amount of time and attention needed for storage management and maintenance.


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