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Your Source for AVOIP Solutions

Your Source for AVOIP Solutions

Ready to Ship

With shipping dates delayed and part shortages across the globe, sometimes it can be difficult to find AVOIP solutions. At Exertis Broadcast, we have a robust selection of quality AVOIP products that are available and ready to ship!

If you are one of the unlucky few who have been waiting for your shipment of AVoIP gear, you may be waiting a long time. Many of our dealers have been told they may not see their gear till the end of the summer or beyond. Not having the right equipment, means not finishing the job. Not finishing the job, means not getting paid and possibly losing clients and future jobs.


J2K Products

Here are four (4) products, in the warehouse, you can use to replace hard to find gear and close deals.

ZeeVee ZyperUHD matches up with with competitors’ system on nearly every feature and even includes some they don’t have. With a lower power consumption per unit, you are able to run more units per POE switch.

Kramer KDS Series offers the same J2K compression as competitors, but with the added bonus of supporting up to a 16X16 video wall.

Lumens OIP Series is the newest of the bunch. Lumens doesn’t skimp on features and offers a very easy to use interface built into their controller. For more info, see our OTB video review of this system.

Blustream is an up and coming brand in the US. Although, they have been producing AVoIP overseas for others for a while. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are new and you would be taking a chance on them. You’d be surprised to know you have probably already used them on a project before just under another name.

If J2K isn’t a necessity for your project, it might be worth looking at some alternatives. Perhaps you might even be looking for something with less compression or lower bandwidth, and here are a few alternatives.

SDVOE Options

On the SDVOE front, you have Kramer, ZeeVee, and Christie with solid, mature products in this format. SDVOE will require 10GB networks but not sacrifice on compression or latency offering the cleanest 4K imaginable.

H.264 & ASPEED

Kramer, Gefen, and ZeeVee each have H.264 and ASPEED products that come at a lower cost and use less bandwidth on the network. They are also solid, mature and stable products, so there is a sense of reliabilty when using these alternatives. The NFL uses them at the Super Bowl. So, why shouldn’t you?

Let our experts find a solution for your project!

Full NDI Encoding for PTZ Cameras

Full NDI Encoding for PTZ Cameras

Turn any Camera, even PTZ Cameras, into full NDI® Cameras with the new U40 NDI® Encoder from Kiloview.

kiloview logo
U40 product view

Click image below to enlarge.

U40 diagram
How to Turn Any Camera into a full NDI® Camera


If your gear doesn’t have NDI® built-in, you will need a solution to convert your system to NDI® without sacrificing control or quality.


Kiloview, the leader in NDI® encoding, is now shipping the U40 Full NDI® encoder for cameras and sources of all types — including PTZ cameras.


The U40 is a 4K HDMI encoder that supports NewTek’s full bandwidth NDI®. Kiloview has also included IP to NDI® conversion and PTZ control over Serial or IP to make this the most complete encoder on the market.


In addition to its dual network ports, the U40 also supports POE+ (power over Ethernet), and Power pass-through to 12v devices and accessories — so you never run out of ports to manage your devices.

Turn Any Camera Into an NDI® Camera

Turn Any Camera Into an NDI® Camera

Kiloview U40 blog feature image

NEW! U40 4K NDI Encoder from Kiloview

Kiloview U40 4K NDI® encoder supports 4K P60 HDMI or USB input, convert to NDI high bandwidth, also it suports IP to NDI® | HX conversion. With such functions like PoE+DC Out, PTZ, Tally, cold shoe on camera, the Kiloview U40 is the smallest and while most powerful NDI encoder which can turn any camera into an NDI camera. With only one network cable, video sources from HDMI cameras, web cameras, USB cameras and others can easily go into the NDI world and enjoy the advantages of IP-based transmission featuring ultra-high image quality and ultra-low latency.

The coolest NDI encoder in the world! The U40 4K NDI features with all the functions you want.

U40 diagram


  • Real 4K P60 input supported
  • HDMI or USB to NDI® high bandwidth
  • DC Out to power your camera/monitor
  • Dual Network ports for data transferring
  • USB to NDI®


Comprehensive NDI® performance, this gear gets it even extensive
  • Convert 4Kp60 HDMI to NDI®
  • Support 3.5mm analog audio embedded in NDI®
  • USB video to NDI® (coming soon)
  • Convert IP streams such as SRT/RTMP/RTSP/UDP/HLS to NDI®|HX (coming soon)
Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports. Two networks and power supply enabled.
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports can be applied to two different networks simultaneously, like SRT/RTMP input via WAN which can be output to NDI® | HX via LAN. Or you use one in WAN and another for LAN
  • PoE power and DC output 15W to power your monitor, recorder, or even your cameras
U40 on cameras
Tally and PTZ Control. Just fits Production
  • Bright Tally lights for PVW/PGM
  • PTZ camera through the serial port (232/485, etc.) or Network, Sony Visca/PELCO-D/PELCO-P and other control protocols supported
Tiny, Exquisite, Quiet, and Cool
  • Exquisite round shape at 3.54 inches in diameter and 1.18 inches high (90mm x 30mm)
  • Easy installation of cold shoe on cameras
  • Built-in mute cooling fan – quiet and cool