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Vimeo Enterprise Channel Introduction

Vimeo Enterprise Channel Introduction

Vimeo Enterprise is the System Integrator’s Video Conference Upgrade Solution.

The AV and Broadcast industries have a common theme – Communication.
If you’re an AV integrator, you’re building and maintaining complex systems that allow people to communicate their thoughts and ideas. Whether it’s the Projection system or the Audio systems or the Video production system – System Integrators are enabling better, more efficient communication every single day. From Boardrooms where decisions and roadmaps are being defined, to Conference rooms where new ideas are being explored, and Auditoriums that provide a platform for those concepts to be shared with the masses.
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Why not offer your clients a platform to take their communication and messaging out of the building, and into the world? Go beyond the normal video conferencing platforms and provide a solution that lets clients’ engage their audience with live video as well as on demand content, to ensure their message is received anytime, anyplace, on any device. 

This is Vimeo Enterprise. You may know Vimeo as the platform your church streams on, or maybe you recognize it from that video link someone sent you once – but you might not know Vimeo Enterprise. Vimeo Enterprise empowers your clients with tools to take communication further. It provides analytics so that they know what content is being watched, and security features, like SSO integration, so that they know who is watching. Vimeo offers management tools so that users can put live events right alongside the on-demand content and ensure their audience gets the information they need in the right time. 

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Enterprise Showcase Mockup

Vimeo’s live events are perfect for those of you offering Production packages from NewTek, Black Magic, Ross and Data Video, and just about any production suite. With Vimeo, you can upgrade these virtual events to offer live polling, Q&A, and full audience chat. You might not even need a dedicated camera setup because with Vimeo Enterprise users can turn their computer screen or webcam into a live event – making sharing content so easy even the CEO can do it.

With all these features, you are probably wondering why we are telling you and not your clients. Most cloud platforms are sold direct online to the users. However, Vimeo recognizes the important role you, the system integrator, has in all the technology that connects their platform to the actual users in the field. Vimeo has a channel plan that allows dealers and systems integrators to offer the Enterprise platform to your clients and a sales team that will help close the deal. Vimeo’s team will help the client setup and use the platform; ensuring all parties get the best experience.

So, take the plunge and help your clients unlock the power of video. Bring the Vimeo team in for a meeting, or a demo, and discover how, together, you can create the ultimate media experience for your clients.

Contact your Exertis Broadcast Team members to book a meeting right away and get your deal registered!

Epiphan | Pearl-2 All-in-One Live Production

Epiphan | Pearl-2 All-in-One Live Production

Epiphan Pearl-2: The ultimate all-in-one live video production system.

Pearl-2 is a video switcher, recorder, streamer, splitter, and scaler in one. With six video inputs, 4K streaming and recording, XLR professional audio, NDI support, chroma keying, and more, Pearl-2 offers pro features and processing power to suit any application.

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Pearl-2 video production system
Pearl-2 rackmount video production system

The Problem to Solve?

High-Performance Hardware for High-Stakes Productions
A lot can go wrong during a video production. For mission-critical, high-stakes, reliable hardware is a must. This is especially true in the world of live events, where there are no do-overs.

What’s the Solution?

A Purpose-Built Solution
Pearl-2 offers superior performance and reliability compared to a software encoder setup with purpose-built hardware and an OS that’s fine-tuned for video production – all rigorously tested for long-term reliability.

Pearl-2 diagram

Technologies Involved

Multiple Built-in Inputs
With six built-in video inputs (HDMI and SDI), you can connect just about anything to Pearl-2 – cameras, computers, imaging equipment, and more. Pearl-2 also features four inputs for XLR professional audio, letting you connect professional-grade equipment for crystal-clear sound.

SRT Encoding and Decoding
Pearl-2 supports the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol, which uses the latest in live streaming technology to keep productions looking great. Add a remote guest or contributor over SRT to bring professional quality sources into your Pearl-powered productions.

Key Features of the Technologies?

Control and Monitor in the Cloud
Epiphan Cloud centralizes the configuration and monitoring of multiple Pearl-2 systems and any other Epiphan hardware you own. Remotely log in to and manage Epiphan devices with a host of time-saving features and tools.

4K Recording
Harness the power of Pearl-2 to capture stunning 4K video at 30 fps. Pearl-2’s hardware-accelerated encoder provides flawless H.264 encoding for maximum compatibility and performance with any video portal or player.