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Solution Story | City Council AV Renovation

Solution Story | City Council AV Renovation

In this Solution Story, we share how we worked with one of our reseller partners on a City Council AV renovation to configure the perfect Live Video Production solution.

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Total Design Build for City Council

Organizations all over the world have been forced to look at their video strategies, and those pressures and necessities are amplified in the public sector. City councils have been under significant strain to overcome associated technology challenges. That’s where Exertis Broadcast (JB&A) and our Reseller Partners can step in and help provide a fresh perspective.


Like many City Councils, the customer in this story had an existing chamber with in-room Audio Video technology, but without any true broadcast features. Once the city needed to start streaming, not only was it difficult, the output did not look good for remote viewers.


Our Broadcast first approach was completely in line with the city’s #1 objective for their video needs – provide high quality audio and video to their audience and participants. We supported that core solution from an IT centric, AV perspective. The team at the City loved the approach but they had one big caveat – the solution needed to be within their budget.


Our final design included a NewTek TriCaster switcher at the heart of the city council chamber, 4 NDI PTZ cameras to capture all of the room, 13 total microphones, sound reinforcement, wireless presentation capabilities, in-room signal distribution, 2 – 65” displays, and support for 10 desktop monitors for the board and clerks. We were able to provide not only the Bill of Materials, but also helped develop the Statement of Work to make sure the project went off without a hitch. Amazingly, we were able to come in just under the city’s budget for the project.


  • Video production – multi camera, lower thirds, transitions, mix effects
  • Live stream
  • Record meetings
  • Local presentation
  • Wireless presentation
  • Control room


The JB&A Solution Builder will take you step by step through assessing your needs, so our Experts can build the best solution to turn your Boardroom into a Broadcast Room. Get started!

Here’s How Exertis Broadcast Can Help

  • TECHNOLOGIES | We offer multiple best-in-class brands and platforms. Our Audio and Video technologies are essential pieces to turn your Boardroom into a Broadcast room. Whether you need just a part, or a complete solution – Audio, Video, Streaming, Storage, Infrastructure, Cloud, On-Prem – we have it all!
  • PRE-SALES SUPPORT | Not quite sure where to start? We are here to help. From Conference Calls, to Presentations, and Product Demonstrations – we provide complete Pre-Sales Support to help you determine which technologies fit the need and the budget.
  • ENGINEERING & DESIGN | The Exertis Broadcast Engineering team is patiently sitting by their phones waiting for your call – seriously, they really geek out talking to clients about technology. All jokes aside, our team can assist with Designs, System Verification, and more. Check out the Design diagram on this page.
  • Demo Product | Sometimes, we all just need to press some buttons for ourselves. We have a fantastic demo product program to help end users understand the product and how it will fit into their workflows.
  • Training | Need product training for yourself or your customers? Of course, we do that!
South Padre City council Solution skematic