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Quantum | Content Protection Top 5

Quantum | Content Protection Top 5

Protect Your Valuable Content with Quantum Storage Solutions.

Whether you (or your clients) create content for corporate marketing campaigns, HR trainings, or the Media & Entertainment industry, it’s essential for all Content Creators to protect their valuable content against cyber-attacks. Data protection for the content being produced is a necessity, and we increasingly see stories of companies of all sizes that are being breached or are having their data encrypted and made unusable.

If content creation is part of your business, going without your content can destroy your business and cost you thousands. It’s time to rethink how you are protecting your investments. It’s time to take Quantum into your next meeting, or if you’re a production studio, into your next production.

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Quantum F Series NVMe
StorNext File System
LTO Tape Drives


#1 – SPEED

Quantum is committed to building the fastest storage on the planet. If you are editing 8K raw video, you know speed is not only important – it’s imperative. The F-Series appliances use NVME drives to create the fastest array possible so your team can focus on editing, not waiting.


Most storage vendors offer one or two tiers of storage – fast and slow. Quantum knows that your media has more angles to it than a sitcom and therefore has to offer more. With the StorNext File System, your storage can be built on many layers of storage including online, nearline, SSD, Tape, and even cloud – all working together as part of your storage infrastructure.


If you could have one vendor that can deliver all your media storage needs for a total workflow support, why wouldn’t you use them? Quantum now has a MAM. Keep all your media organized and categorized with a tool made by the same people who made the storage platform itself.


Quantum is not content with just having the best file system. Over the past couple of years, they have been actively acquiring companies and technologies to further expand their portfolio to ensure that their clients have not the best and most comprehensive workflows and tools. Pivot3, Square Box the makers of CatDV, Atavium, and Active Scale have all joined the Quantum family for the most diversified storage portfolio out there.


Your company’s data is your most important asset. You need to ensure that it’s backed-up and recoverable, so that in the event of a ransomware attack or data breach, your data is safe from deletion or encryption. Quantum has all the tools necessary to ensure that your most important assets are backed up and secure in more than one place. Quantum has multiple storage approaches – from NAS, SAN, LTO Tape, Cloud, and even On-premises Cloud – as well as a comprehensive Media Asset Management (MAM) solution to ensure that your data will always be available to you.

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