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Squigl Democratizes Animation for All through AI

Squigl Democratizes Animation for All through AI

Squigl helps creators efficiently produce intelligent content so they can achieve more.


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Squigl Sizzle Slide-diagram

The Problem to Solve?

Complexity and Cost of Content Creation

Traditionally, rich media content is expensive to produce and relies on technical workflows. This has limited many people like students, teachers, or the average corporate employee from being able to produce smart and engaging content.

What’s the Solution?

Automated animation workflow with AI

Squigl is an animation engine that simplifies the production workflow — making it cost effective to create with, and simple to use. The AI in Squigl associates word to image and automates output of fully rendered MP4 so easy anyone can use it.

Technologies Involved?

Microsoft Azure AI, AutoML, Deep learning

Squigl is built on Microsoft Azure. It uses advanced AutoML and deep learning to power the workflow. Squigl also uses the Microsoft Graph API, PWA Builder, and Azure AI for world class solution architecture.

Key Features?

· animation authoring
· Interactivity (ex: Quizzing)
· UCaaS Integrations

The best thing about Squigl’s feature set is many users who have little-to-no animation experience can quickly produce engaging content.

The SECOND best thing is seasoned media experts can get super creative. See a great example in the Video to the left.