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Movo · Audio Accessories & Gear

Movo specializes in audio gear, and more. They are committed to making innovative and reliable products accessible for creators.

Microphones include:

  • movo conference room micWireless Lavalier
  • USB Conference
  • XLR Studio Vocal
  • On Camera, Desktop, Handheld
  • Smartphone
  • Podcast Kits

Movo MC1000 USB Conference Computer Microphone (Windows & Mac)

The Movo MC1000 is a directional conference microphone that houses three audio capsules capable of capturing sound in a 20′ ft radius, with 180° degree coverage. Use to record meetings, broadcast webinars, and video conference.

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Movo · Featured Products

Movo M1 USB Lavalier Mic (20’ft)

The Movo M1 is a professional quality lavalier mic that plugs directly into your computer’s USB port (20 foot long cable). Perfect for church speakers, podcasts, live streaming, field reporting, or any other situation where a quick, plug-and-play set up is desired.

movo m1 lav mic

movo um700Movo UM700 USB Desktop Studio Microphone with Adjustable Polar Patterns

The UM700 USB Desktop Microphone is the ultimate tool for creators, whether you’re recording music, livestreaming, vlogging, podcasting, conference calls…the list goes on. This mic can do it all.

movo vsm7Movo VSM-7 Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern Studio XLR Condenser Microphone

Get everything you need for your next podcast, live stream, or music recording with this all-inclusive microphone kit! The Movo VSM-7 is a studio-quality microphone that will give you professional audio thanks to its large diaphragm and powerful condenser. With 3 polar patterns to choose from, you’ll be able to tailor the perfect sound for your recording. Also included are an XLR cable, a shock mount for reducing vibrations and handling noise, and a pop filter that eliminates plosives from your voice.

Movo · Videos

MC1000 – USB Conference Microphone
UM700 – Desktop Studio Microphone
MOVO LV-M5 DSLR Lavalier Microphone
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