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CASTUS · Cloud-Based Video On Demand & Live Streaming

CASTUS Cloud Services & On-premise Solutions are easy to use, feature rich and affordable.

QuickRoll is the flagship, multi processing, multi channel, video scheduling server that includes everything you need to easily upload, schedule and play your video content. QuickRoll features an easy to use, web based interface, allowing you to access your station from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

QuickCast is a revolutionary, single channel SD/HD – SDI server that includes everything you need to schedule and playout your station’s video content. [more]

CASTUS Mini is compact, easy to set up and affordable. CASTUS Mini connects to CASTUS Cloud Services for VOD and live streaming in seconds, with the ability to add an overlay on your feed.

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CASTUS · Products

CASTUS Cloud Services

CASTUS Cloud Services offers cloud-based Video On Demand and Live Streaming, managed directly through the CASTUS CLOUD PORTAL. Simply upload your videos, any file format, any size, and our Video On Demand will automatically convert it to 4 profile Adaptive Bitrate.

Whether on desktop, tablet or mobile, Video On Demand & Live Streaming offers an easy and innovative way to engage with all of your viewers.

  • Video On Demand features a customizable interface, where you can upload your own banner, choose your personal color scheme, upload your station logo. Video On Demand also provides an analytics page, where you can check on the number of program views in a simple to read chart.
  • Live Streaming offers an unlimited number of HLS feeds, allowing for faster, safer and more reliable streaming. CASTUS offers support for OTT and is compatible for streaming to Facebook, Roku, YouTube and more. It runs on a CDN for reliability and stability for a high volume of viewers.

Viva – Encode on the Go

CASTUS VIVA is the first encoder that connects, streams and captions with ease. Its small form factor allows you to be on the go so you can stream any event to the cloud or your playback server without any port forwarding. It’s truly plug and play and the only requirement is a stable internet connection. Plug in any HD/SDI feed from a camera or video switcher and stream while captioning your event to the cloud with the touch of a button.

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CASTUS On Premise Solutions

CASTUS On Premise Solutions offer on-site, scheduling servers. Our servers come pre-loaded with their innovative, web-based CASTUS scheduling software, which allows you to schedule quickly and easily from any device.

CASTUS On Premise Solutions can take any SDI video source and creates a web stream to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch.tv, Periscope and more! CASTUS invented the “Click and Stick’ style of scheduling. They also offer the ability to upload and play most videos without having to transcode them first.


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