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Osprey Video offers almost limitless solutions from Video Capture Cards to Hardware and Software Encoding and Streaming.

Osprey Capture Cards are widely used at the biggest names in Broadcast for its ability to ingest DVB-ASI as well as Closed Captions. All Digital multi input Capture Cards feature fully independent inputs for the ingest of different resolutions and bitrates simultaneous hence eliminating the need for multiple capture cards.

Osprey HDMI MFI Group and G2
Osprey Video Talon encoder
Osprey Video Talon encoder back
Osprey Video Talon workflow

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Streaming made easy!

Contribute 4K Video into the cloud fast and easy for live and on-demand streaming. Simply connect the device to power, an IP network and an SDI or HDMI video source. Configure and Stream.

Talon 4K60 Encoder

Future Proof your Streaming Workflow
With features such as 12G ingest, HEVC and 4:2:2 10bit Color, the Talon 4K is essential now and into the future.

Manage and Monitor Devices Remotely
With Talon 4K you can manage the entire live event workflow saving time and travel expenses without sacrificing quality.

Small and Portable
Talon 4K is portable with minimal power requirements. The unit is under 2 pounds, silent and fanless making it practical in low noise environments like classrooms, studios, and courtrooms.

Key Features
In addition to 12G ingest, HEVC and 4:2:2 10bit Color Talon 4K also supports HDMI 2.0 inputs, multiple streaming protocols, a robust API, Secure web server, Local Preview and more.

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Osprey Video · Featured Products

Osprey 12G-SDI Video Workflow

12G-SDI Video Workflow

Video workflow products to complement our main line of 4K Video Capture Cards and Hardware Encoders and Decoders.

Video Converters, Fiber Extender, Multi Viewer

Accessories designed for seamless workflow integration.


12G and 3G-SDI Distribution Amplifiers

Equalized and reclocking SDI Distribution Amplifiers for maximum cable reach. A locking USB Power Port provides maximum reliability. 


osprey field and rackmount monitors
Field and Rackmount Monitors
RM12G-1 is a 4K monitor featuring a true 3840×2160 native resolution. It serves as a field monitor mounted inside a sturdy carrying case or once removed as 19″ Rackmount Monitor.

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Osprey Video Capture Devices – Talon G1 Encoder – 4K and 12G HD-SDI
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